Can an atheist be a Freemason?


An often-asked question on Masonic fora. The usual answer on boards with mostly “regular” members will be “no”. Within “Continental” Freemasonry, things are not that clear-cut.

Since 1877 the Grand Orient de France no longer requires its members to believe in anything. The same goes for other Grand Lodges. But beware, it is also possible that within the same organisation some lodges do ask that of their prospective members while other lodges don’t. The golden way is to just ask.

The answer is not the clear “no” that you will get on some places. You are looking towards Freemasonry that is regarded “irregular” by many Freemasons.

For your information, that faith is not a requirement does not automatically mean that a lodge does not use a Bible. Also here are differences. There are lodges that use a Bible, there are those who use another book, such as the regulations of the Grand Lodge or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, there are also lodges that use no book at all. When it doubt: ask the lodge you are interested in.

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