Is “Continental” Freemasonry more esoteric?

As in many cases, there are no easy answers. When you take mixed gender Freemasonry, it only really started to grow rapidly when there was backup from the Theosophical Society. Hundreds and hundreds of lodges were founded with a very Theosophical background. That diminished over the years, but within co-Masonry there is still a relatively high percentage of esoteric and/or spiritual members.

The other way around, “Continental” Freemasonry ‘started’ when Grand Lodges started to remove references to the GAOTU and the Bible. Did they throw the spiritual baby out with the symbolic bathwater? In some cases certainly, but you also see that the gap is filled with an interest in subjects such as Alchemy, Rosicrucianity and other esoteric subjects in some members and lodges.

Nothing can be said in general. With over a hundred Grand Lodges and many times more lodges with an enormous variety, there will be lodges that are indeed more esoteric and/or spiritual and lodges which are not.

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